26 October 2013

“Pink” Funds the Theft of Our Flesh

It’s disguised advertising. It’s manufactured like Facebook — wherein we pay to report on our activities and thoughts to the NSA — to steal “money” from ourselves if the advertising “hook” does its job on us. Any reserve of “money” which we have is viewed as unconquered, uncontrolled. It carries within it, our potential for not being carrier-hosts of Capital and its need for a “norm of psycho-behavioral dysfunctionality”.

So, if not re-invested as the normalization of self-colonization — a self-replacing of self with this tumorous norm of self-sacrifice [to Capital as Capital’s host] — it is daily-devalued and the diminished sum of our fragments left over after wage-slavery, property-slavery (rent or mortgage), and surviving enforced scarcity steal most of your life’s time and space from you....

Charity to any hierarchy [necessarily a “pyramid scheme” based in masters with slaves] is surrender to a pre-determined misery and designed “slow death”.

Charity is not compassionate solidarity with the immiserated. It does not challenge the cause of misery. It treats disrelated symptoms. It delocates humanity from the daily dehumanized. It misdirects assistance into the intents of bureaucrats. We are convinced to set the hook in ourselves so some self-anointed master does not have to bother with fishing for us. How wonderfully charitable!

Unless we refuses hierarchy en toto, then the only “pink” being served here is our flesh. We are merely submitting, treating another visible symptom of Human Farming. Like the “green” movement — wherein we pay to recycle toxins through the life chain yet again so that cancer is given another crack at us — or the manufactured “color revolutions” all over the world wherein imperial invasion is re-presented as rescue ⎯ we are self-injecting Capital via the patented psycho-health of “feeling good”.

We pay to grow ourselves as colonized flesh, pay to call and drive ourselves to both the daily and “final solution” slaughterhouse. The internment camp is run by us. We enslave ourselves by tolerating and surrendering over and over, and by treating systemic symptoms rather than the whole system as the cause.

The tumor is not here or there, now or then... it is what is defining the concept and definition of “tumor”. Actually, a "tumor" is a centralized state that is always there. When it is truly everywhere, it is at rest, and is the integral process by which cells rapidly repair themselves. These trophoblast cells are what fast-grows the embryo on the uterine wall. If they did not exist, neither would humanity. The AMA's pseudo-understanding of "cancer" is erroneous at best, criminal in fact. It attacks us because they haven't a clue, nor care, who we are or could become. They only see us as fodder for stealing power, as parasites do....

The cancer is all around us, and until we “treat” the global pyramid scheme, we are complicit in intensifying cancer as “the norm”. It is what we do and do not do all the time and everywhere.

The armor we wear to keep at arms-length our cynically-nurtured fear of others and paralyzing pain of being "left out" of a mythical Society, disguises the intended purpose of that armor: to keep desire and dreams isolated from the human potential all hierarchies detest and sequester. “Charity” is one such recuperation, which, as a way of allowing us to "clear our throats", only makes the suffocation more complete, and thus, more rational. In short, we become more full of our absence.

Our quantitative act ensures our inability to act consequently, or with quality. Our charity to ‘a death machine in life’s clothing’ is but a nail in others’ and our own communal coffin. It’s financial aid to another country delivered by ravenous monsters.

The so-called “research” and “fight against” cancer is run by The Cancer Industry, itself controlled by the very same corporations and people who profit from dumping cancer-causing toxins into our food, water, soil, and air. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle only served notice that the war against humanity had to be stepped up. Every bill from government will only hide what its ability to pass really intends: our undoing. Government is not self-government; it is a tumor replacing those upon whom it is being grown; it is anti-humanity posing as humanity.

The barrier to our right to health is made up of many suppressed preventions, banned treatments, and excommunicated physicians ⎯ laid waste by the “legal” and character-assassination squads of the AMA and FDA.

John D. Rockefeller co-founded the American Medical Association (AMA), which is given carte blanche control over our health by the FDA. Rockefeller, I.G. Farben, Big Pharma, the “medical” insurance cartel, and the in their pocket politicians — who rotate back-and-forth between serving these “masters with slaves” directly and serving us up in a bought-and-paid for government have always attacked freely-accessible remedies, non-patentable treatment substances, self-determined and self-manageable dietary supplements, naturopathy — based in holistic “cause”, preventive health, and a proactive nutrition — in favor of a mediating and authoritarian allopathy — vile, hierarchical, and disease-resilient — which merely “sequences” patented treatments to fragmented symptoms. It separates us from our health by suppressing our rights to determine our own symptoms, causes, diets, treatments, and right to direct self-determination.

The injecting toxins and exposure to toxic radiation to “treat” toxicity is insane and profitable. The treatment is perpetuated until death by manufacturing new symptoms, until life is either extinguished or is able to avoid the treatments.

How to dumb down and program the population?

monopolize insurance to determine-and-control all power to avail, access, assure, test, analyze, and treat;
monopolize “publicly-owned” media with untaxed advertising funds;
invade the moments spent waiting in grocery chain exit lines;
bombard all activity of the spectator sports industry — during “the game” and as untaxed advertising “breaks” between fixed outcomes;
advertise your profit-extracting as charity-gathering everywhere.

We are not a “natural resource” for the farming and harvesting by the Capital of State, Clergy, Bloodline, Tribe, Corporation, Cause, or any other inversion of real beings.
We are not objects for pseudo-subjects and non-living entities, causes, views, mores, laws, ideas, hierarchies, processes.
A “citizen” is a shapeable object fitted and retrofitted into pens, confines, roles, etc.
“It” is our very inversion, foisted as “Community” over and led by the self-motivated to ends by means... a decision-making process completely kept away from us... from selection to election.

We are taught to submit, to surrender, to believe, to trust, to comply, to conform, to inform, to obey.
The key to manufacturing a “good German” was the investment goal of J.P. Morgan when funding “social movements of control”: the National Socialists movement in Germany; Trotsky and Lenin and their State Socialism in Russia; the New Deal of Roosevelt in the USA. All are authoritarian and demand codependent “citizens”.

Today, those once-just-external methods of forcing the acceptance of dysfunctional obedience have been studied, hybridized, redeployed globally, and, having been consolidated are forcibly-displacing the many “irrational” hierarchies into a global hierarchy, “rational” because of its need for power, and because that power cannot recognize, nor allow any other. Its “rationality” of dealing with archaic ways of rationing life is at once its ratio of dividing every lifeform by itself, all the while approaching infinity by always incrementing itself as the only substitute for life, and back as a life-”form”, which is when seen as the inversion it is, is lifeless and deathful. That “form” is lifestyle; for the host, it is a mediator to themselves, inhibitor of themselves, limiter of other selves, an addiction which needs to be fed, and is socially co-dependence for the host if their “existence”, reduced to mundane and slavish survival, is to persist. It is alienated power unleashed to expand, and to do so across all remaining lives it encounters, into and as an ever-alienating power source. It is a recursively-expanding source of itself. By ever-evolved design, its hosts will bend or be broken, will be used until being recycled. They will be for it as they might have been for themselves. Their own “hierarchy of needs” has been rationally hierarchicalized.

We are, today, trained by schooling, advertising, religious science, and scientific religion — all directed from hierarchical imperatives, that is “imperially led against ourselves and each other into the “war of all against all” by funds and the lack thereof — to act as practicing wardens of our own wards. That act is our only liberty left! "Cancer" is the body attacking itself... Capital's war unleashed by nutritional deficiency directly-attributed to an FDA-enforced and petropharmachemical cartel.

Truth is privatized. Conformity, “normality”, and other re-definitions of stupefaction and ignorance, is publicized.
That consumption is our only freedom left!

The breadth and depth of the ward has been “rationally expanded”. Our DNA is being patented. Our knowledge and sources of nutrition are being “mopped up” and toxic substitutes made to be all that remains. The vault runneth over and as a result, our disease is at the command of the vault owners and perhaps to a very few of its guards.

Our right to health and all of the bounties of the Earth and our historical labor belong to us, not to Power and Hierarchy maintained by injected chaos, scarcity, and dis-ease.

We, the “public”, are daily [re-]programmed to surrender to a cycle of dis-ease and all that maintains and profits from it.
The “deciders” and the psychopathocratic “elite”, who puppet-master those power-mongers and all those submitting beneath them all, are hidden behind the curtain of lies and facade which we are programmed to tolerate and to hold up.

They are given the charity of remaining untainted and untouchable murderers, parasites, liars, and thieves... with each submission to The Big Lie that they are anything but farmers of human misery.

Being “in the Pink” comes from becoming the only master (and without slaves) of your DNA, cells, space-time... the totality of your life. No mediation. No fragmentation. No alienation of responsibility or self-powers. It sees the health of others as a healthy environment and demands that right to self-management for one’s self as inseparable from that implemented right by all others’. Tolerance of the intolerable is slavery perfected.

Refuse the Farming of Our “Pink” Flesh
Refuse the “Green” Recycling of Human Misery
Refuse the Privatization of the Right to Health


02 September 2013

Laborious Daze

Enjoy what you can on this meaningless holy day, as it reifies a mythologized resistance movement led by proletarianizing brothels away from the transcendent refusal to sell labor.

Pied-pipered to follow an alien (because alienated-self) force. Manufacturing and maintaining a haunting world of ghosts, monsters, parasites, psychopathocrats, deities, and footnote-fetishizing experts.

We fill our absense to the brim with our inverted potential, with dreams inverted into nightmares.

And what we get is what we are. We and the world exchange'what could have been' for and into 'what is'. Shall I celebrate celibation?

Ha! A "day off" just means more to do on Tuesday, if you 'suffer to survive', and less if you 'suffer from survival' even more. The choice is choiceless. The price of admission is celebrated exitlessness.

Let's see.... to me, Labor Day is a laborious rite of re-surrendering, a pretentiousness pretending of victory in an unconscious series of acts maintaining recurrent loss. It is a hallowed salivation to hollowness.

I sound a bit depressing, but I'm not depressed, nor intending to be depressing.
It's my dreams talking through the nightmare.

That makes them sound a bit confusing... as their waking happiness attempts to penetrate -- by refusing the pseudo-reality of 'the binary' and the role of the pseudo-object legally-enforced by colonized-and-colonizing tools and luring-and-lurid language.

They are ever-hatched from our well-nourished nightmare's effect, a Gamowian shadow-upon-shadow wherein the flat 2D shadow sums and layers into a 3D presence — snaring and flaring with [r]evolving recuperation — via rehearsed volley from its agents of spectacle and spectacularized anti-spectacle.

In such a boisterous and bloated swirl, unmediated-and-unmediating communication confronts diffusion — reciped of our atomized-and-collected, sorted-and-sordidized selves — ever-rationally dumped into the inversion "mixing" process....

The baked and half-baked are feverishly and conspicuously "consumed" by the very-consumed themselves, by that self-devouring process, which is everywhere... frenzily feeding upon everything, and especially its severed self.

Today, especially, and as always, is a day against daze, a 'labor of love' against the selflessly-endured and selflessly-made nightmare hoisted by us above us all as abstractified Love of Labor.

And in the distance I hear the passed by nuns and monks clenching to dogma, whilst nearer in sacrificed time, I hear everywhere, the sound of blender-managing Leninists — once foreign but now fully-absorbed rationalists of the subject:object ratio. And as usual, there is the rigid and contorting feign accompanying their state-masked ownership of universal orgasm.

[Note: Do NOT use Twitter or Facebook, as the toxic bait below suggests....]

16 June 2013

Real/Lived Space-Time vs. "Other" (alienated) Timelines and "Dimensions"

The key to hierarchical power is twofold: mediation and reified existence (aka, the use of spectacularity).
Today. the scientific method (esp. deduction reasoning) has been replaced by the core ideologicality of deductive reasoning, wherein reality descends from an imposed perception of reality.

In that sense, the centrism of being a new take on religions' "center of universal existence" — being THE only focus of a God who puts homo sapiens sapiens above all else in a nature falsely-defined as "dog eat dog", including those "specials" atop a falsely-scarcified heap o'er clambering others — is what "science" now does in its "more rational" (that is, ratioed, rationalizing, and reality-rationing) sense... their sole "improvement", as far as hierarchically-suppressed (and upgraded Earth-centric, species-centric, non-celestialized) senses go.

Even so, the "celestial" has also been seized an d pseudo-"superseded" because it availed too much human spiritualism for its replies-to-queries 'bout eternal torment/punishment and reward/salvation, with a less reality-toppling inversions of THIS space-time reality. Its "other" spatial dimensions, "other" time lines, etc. — inhabited by our inverted self-quests via the hypnotic fear of "aliens", i.e., our alienated selves — have been wiped from the choice chart, leaving rational acceptance and its consequences. That's cost-effective "science" at work: rational self-slavery.

Monsters have always been our fears of what we have or might become held up as "beyond" our ability to defend against what made or could make us become so cannibalizing, disconnected, fearsome, and "monstrous". In short, our own self-alienation is fearful, or rather, fear-fulFILLING. The fear fills the absence of us in our own lives. Having surrendered our life time and space to an "other", we are perplexed and haunted by monsters, deities, ghosts, and aliens — all steeped in a social dysfunctionality we shall call a mass "self-terrorism" which starts from giving up the ghost" so that we become the ghosts in the machine[ations of power seeming over but actually and actively apart[ed] or departed from ourselves].

"Other" timelines are passed off by science priests as possible, like commodified escapes or religious afterlives to this non-life, as safety-valves. Harmless as long as we still shoot each other with bullets, tax payments, road rage growls, disparaging glances in aisles where dead relief on command is taken on as debt by someone ahead of us in line, we work at the role of servitude like no "other" ever could. We imagine in rented dreams, plan for revolutions whose planned obsolescence is tied to meetings in "think tanks", and are "active" as much as manufactured "acting out" allows. "Be all you can be" is just the subtle hologram-subjects poised/floated above its "be only what/who we'll let you be" reality-objects.

Short and simple, double reflection, misdirection, and reified decision-making facilitate the daze about "the real"

"Other" timelines do not narcissistically exist because WE chose where we are on this one. With only one REAL time — HERE and NOW — we slip off into delusionally-conscious and reified times — escapist delusion and manufactured illusion — and become lost away from the way back to self-management and self-possession. Being possessed by an "other" (whether world, being, dimension or what ever aspect of our own loss haunts us most), we are never self-possessed, and that is the root cause of our being "lost in time"... "lost in space"... because the space and time are alien to us, as in we have allowed them to become "real" in the falsifying of hierarchical ownership of us. Selfless causes exist as substitutes for the "self as cause".

We are mediated by the falsified/falsifying truths about reality which we tolerate as "truths" and "knowledge" manufactured from within that which confines us, with our "permission", and defied by our"protection".

There's no time like this time.

There's no space like this space.

Taking life back — buried within the external "it" — is inseparable from seizing our selves back and reinventing "daily life".

23 May 2013

"Major Loss" or "Reason to Not Lose by Caring"?

The S.F. Chronicle's Eric Branch (email) stated (page B1 on 23-may-2013; also known as "49ers' Crabtree tears Achilles tendon" (web) that "... Dr. Tim McAdams, gave him a bit of encouraging news from the operation", but gave no indication as to what that was or even how the author knew what was discussed at all. Note that sports announcers are always telling their surrendering-into-captive audience(s) what is being said by players, coaches, and officials when they have no method, idea, or clue at all what was being said.

"He's saying he wished..." is one example of how mind-reading has been falsely established as a 'caste' ability in broadcasting. Another was done when unsubstantiated (and quite convenient) "leaks" are quoted. Another is when a mediator is quoted as saying what an unknown and uninterviewed "witness" said. That is never allowed in a court of law — stricken as "inadmissible" and "hearsay". The WMDs of Iraq were "factualized" by quoting the secondhand quoters, whose facts were factless and imaginary. The pseudo-resistance to Virulent Hierarchy (currently ruled by those extracting and/or "owning" the largest quantities of Human Capital) is itself lost in a foot[note-fetishism, reductively avoiding imaginative deductive thinking (which exposes the Whole) into obscurity.

Thus, baseless conjecture is passed off as "expertise" to those falling for "experts". The facts, per se, are deceitfully manufactured — unfounded while founded in manipulation — "factualized" by cohort hierarchy-protecting liars: clerics, whoring "scientists", fasco-marketeers, mediators, and a marionette dance by politicians (themselves a hybrid of Stalinism and Fascism).

The best an AMA-trained "doctor" can say is "you're alive", which is better than could be told to the likes of Alvin Lee (musical composer, guitarist, vocalist of Ten Years After, Alvin Lee & Company, and solo career), Dr. Lendon H. Smith (family OB/GYN, pediatrician, critic of pharmasuitables, author, and sixty-time guest on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show), Marc Moreland (musical composer, guitarist, vocalist of Wall of Voodoo, Department of Crooks, and a solo career), Roy Scheider (actor in All That Jazz, The Sorcerer, Jaws, The French Connection, 2010, etc.), and countless millions, all of whom died from "routine" and well-conducted knives, glowing radioactivity, or toxic injections/pills expertly-applauded by practicing malpractitioners, bankers, media clap-trappers, and other 'blood hierarchy'-maintaining vampires... leading a zombie population onward to the slaughterhouses of daily "life", or rather, its spectacular and self-falsifying substitution.

Sure, surviving's good "news", but hardly "newsworthy".... Pablum and banality are what the media shovels as social "mediators" (rather than, formerly, as investigative reporters) between reality and real people's consciousnesses.

If "a doctor telling you that you the Rockefeller-"Big Pharma" dominated medical profession's "practice" has decided to spare your life, they shouldn't be "in business" at all.

The days when "health" is held for ransom and "athletes" are farmed and bred like fake Salmon will be naught too soon in ending. These "doctors" will be left to operate on and drug each other and their masters as a fitting justice. The "athletes", "mediators", "politicians", and "clerics" — along with their psychopathic and puppeteering financiers of this generalized social parasitism — will have to find ways of creating real food rather than manipulating reality to see their pathocratic "feeding" as worth anything but full exposure and permanent cessation.

As a result of the omission, I am left sensing that this is a moment of several dysfunctionalities:

  1. the tip of the "sports mind" iceberg showing, which is sad and depressing in itself;
  2. a stylistic slip (which seems more taught than unintended);
  3. like so many reports in the "new" corporate media, simply made up to maintain the buying of tickets to 49er games, sales of NFL.com subscription-leashed games, endorsed products associated with Crabtree's ad-machine, or ensuing Stupor Bowl hype whose money exchanges faceless hands at best.

Asking the "author" to elaborate, in a follow-up, seems pointless, unless follow-up "style" is sought.

I figure that exposure of idiocy is "the best medicine", and these days, the "alternative" to the manufactured meat-ia industry.

A "sports" injury or mis-"event" (fight, off-camera act, unscripted slur), like a botched surgery, "mis-deed" by a politician, or sex dysfunctionality by a flagellation-promoting cleric are all tragic for all of us, but that's the point! The reality which manufactures them all "as the only reality possible" is what calls them "unreal" and treatable without changing anything of consequence, certainly the hierarchy freezing us as passive spectators to our very existences and to these aberrant, abnormal, and "momentary" exposures of and at its very core.

Daily, we act [and act out] as inversions of our self-possession, self-management, and self-interest. We injure ourselves. We penalize ourselves. We victimize ourselves. We "get caught" and avoid ourselves when the dysfunctionalities "hit the fan".

The "entertainment", "news", and "decision-making" official line is the epitome of reality falsification and real self-loss. The real loss here is what is avoided in all headlines and broadcasts of this virulent globanality, and by us when the 'musical chairs' music is playing redundantly, mindlessly, normally: us.

01 May 2013

Questions to Remember to Forget about "Eternal War"

Questioning "question authority" as Authoritarianized Passivity

If "question authority" means anything beyond printing, selling, buying, and affixing bumper-stickers, then, let's examine the manufactured "mass psychology" and the "news" directing our heads here and there before going straight up our own assholes....

  1. Isn't "class" the eternal war, whether by those at the top of a clerical, political, economic, bloodline, tribal, statist, or corporatist hierarchy?

  2. Aren't sodium fluoride (used in public drinking water), HFCS (used in food), GMO (used AS food), chemtrail chemicals, toxins in plastics — "greenly" re-sprinkled into air, soil, and water everywhere — all "chemical warfare" weapons?

  3. As if playing a REAL game of Risk" and "Monopoly"; as is Globalistic Capital, why wouldn't you consider Syrian oil and essential "acquirable power which helps to further acquire", a core exchange-valuable asset, and "chemical weapon", held over a collapsing global economy, by Rothschild and Rockefeller?

  4. Aren't oil production asset in an abiotic oil world the REAL asset more valuable than the oil, just as owning media is more an asset than any particular "news" which comes off its assembly line of "news"?

  5. Is "eternal war" fed by "eternal" complicity: ignorance, gullibility, denial?

  6. Is "eternal war" the only possible result of codependence: psycho-dysfunctionality?

Resources to Examine, Not Unquestioningly Question

Resources are a starting place. The "tv dinner" conspicuous consumptivity of the 1960s has become the footnote for the ideologized mind today. Everyone must "make a point", when points are NOT the issue. Points are pretty much pointless in a swirl of paper, like in the film "Brazil". They bury activity and the "behind the scenes" reality in a dust-storm of self-congratulating footnotes, not unlike the award ceremonies of Hollywood cronies wearing clothes like billboards, and opinions like roles. Footnotes are one author's way of hiding in another's shadow. Real-time views and acts are lost in a self-anointed wisdom of sequence going back o'er the horizon to who knows where. The "give-up" effect usually preserves real views from view, and thus, spectacularizes mindful imagination... footnoting it as far away from reality as possible. That said:

21 March 2013

A "Happy birthday!" to Raoul Vaneigem...

Raoul Vaneigem's Autogested Bio-impact

With so many books that Vaneigem has written, neither the Nothingness nor Bureau of Public Secrets sites has any by him from a post-1980 thirty-year period.

As well, few, have translated any of those texts, contributing to all of our loss, maintaining our ideology-guarded ignorance.

Not very strange, then, that the same book, "The Revolution of Every Day Life" keeps getting "re-translated" by the same Donald Nicholson-Smith, like the eternal releases of bad software from Microsoft or the ever-diminishing lifespan of Apple hardware, which follow the capital downward spiral into the netherworld of "always needs an upgrade"!

Meanwhile, the Debord descent from the human spirit down to the redundant excommunicating tasks of a Jesuit pope, ruling the hardline "correctness" of a self-oblivionated hierarchical "Situationist International", is missed as an "integral moment of the whole" by revering students and practitioners of ISMization who might as well be Catholic. In terms of their above-shoulders approach to "living the revolution" and in "missing the forest for the trees", I've noticed a presence -- in their self-digesting personas -- of an abhorrence for inductive reasoning.

This group, precisely because they are solely-and-souly deductive, work from an quantitatively-expanding self-delusion directly related to the quantity of just how mathelogically they approach the "limit" of infinity found in/as the near-absolutist Debordian view about "alienation", "inversion", and "reification" which he "synthesized"-in from his instructors' critiques as his own core, that is, from the views learned via from school instructors, Henri Lefebvre and Jean Hippolyte.

This "absolute", deployed to explain everything in the terms of The Spectacle, becomes as un-"scientific method" as you can get. It spectacularizes "the spectacle" into a 'doer' called The Spectacle, reifies "the reification process" into a 'doer' called Reification, and mediates "the mediation process" as a 'doer' called The Unmediated.

Sadly, in the "lives" of the self-ideologified, any use-value is inverted into "revolutionary" exchange-value, a lifestyle (socio-cultural commodity-role) which self-bloatedly spends its "free time" waving a mask called The Unmasking! The paranormality pushed by an disinterested George Noory ("Coast-to-coast AM") and these overly-interested anal retentives become each others images in a shadow world.

Is it any wonder that the OBD (One Big Debate) for these 'practicing dead' is the ponderously-suffocating "is there situationISM or not" as the core spectacle of their own spectacular recepticle-ness for all THINGS "revolution" and "practice".

Debord is and has been very relevant to both the critique of capital and anti-critique of, by, and for capital, as he left the "door open" with his own lack of rigor when it came to formally and contentually respecting mutuality, isocracy, and life itself.
He "let himself go" to the point of being a fuel-rod for the capitalist fissioning of life, into the choice between objectively "being dead" and subjectively "becoming lifestyle".

This includes "the revolutionary lifestyle" — commodity unextraordinaire — absurd except to those ensnared in a self-maintained ideological "inversion" of the reality "below the DMZ of the neck", "beyond the limits of the idea[l]", and "outside the milieu which accesses reality's footnotes ONLY from itself".

To commend this STILL-LIVING writer, Raoul Vaneigem, who had the guts and practiced principles to leave the imaginary ocean captained by "Captain Bligh" Debord on the S.S. Situationist, I would suggest reading the following:

Translated from the Post-1980s Period

  1. Greece: The Cradle of Another World — by Raoul Vaneigem and Yannis Youlountas; translated by NOT BORED! (February 20, 2012)
  2. What's Free is the Absolute Weapon — Siné Mensuel Interviews Raoul Vaneigem (January 06, 2012)
  3. Carnival Against Capital: A Comparison of Bakhtin, Vaneigem, and Bey — by Gavin Grindon (15 pages)
  4. Preliminary Notes on a Project for the Construction of Oarystis, the City of Desires — by Raoul Vaneigem (2002)
  5. The Resistance to Christianity — written by Raoul Vaneigem (1993), translated by NotBored (2006-2007)
  6. The Inhumanity of Religion — by Raoul Vaneigem (202-paged book published in French in 2000; currently being translated by NotBored.org; editing by Lust for Life tentatively begins in Winter 2007)

Translated from the Pre-1980s Period

There are, of course, some very valuable older texts:

  1. Contributions to the Revolutionary Struggle — by Raoul Vaneigem – edited by Lake County Anarchists (24 pages)
  2. The Revolution of Everyday Life — by Raoul Vaneigem – translated into English by John Fullerton and Steve Sieveking (182 pages; English 1972)
  3. Terrorism or Revolution — by Raoul Vaneigem (1972)
  4. Basic Banalities — by Raoul Vaneigem (April 1962; January 1963)
  5. The Book of Pleasures (HTML, PDF) — by Raoul Vaneigem (January 8, 1979)

Further Recommendations

I would also recommend translating these availed French texts texts of Raoul Vaneigem.

I would also recommend reading the critique of the reified Spectacle running the show as "Situationist" colonization in the at texts of Jean-Pierre Voyer.

My best wishes for "blowing out the candles" of this birth[less]day world.

19 January 2013

Let's Rename "SFO" to "Just Me Me Me International"

Last week, 12-18January2013, when I first became aware of the move to change the name of San Francisco International Airport, I also read of a homeless acquaintance burning near-to-death in his makeshift "home" when a candle caught his bag and such on fire.

What a blatant waste of State-stolen so-called "social" wealth... stolen at the point of creativity from individual selves, and substituted for with inverted "wealth": the waste of humanity. Oh yes, also, a pile of use-[value-]less Symbols and Agendas which preside over real human life as towering billboards exalting those benefiting from those new fractures in the species' most individually-experiential wealth: the "social" ability to "off the yoke".

Well-to-do agenda "drum-beaters", self-bloated do-good "faith-healers", and fragmented-and-fragmenting duty-bound "flag-wavers" always drone on about how we all should pay for abstracted "mistakes" made "in the name of" some previous all-ruling Agenda, so that "we" now should "all" pay for that "mistaken assumption by the hierarchy as to how to befool all beneath the hierarchy's pyramid-mastering elite. So, we should respect — in yet another submission from a dwindling pie — to their all-justifying rationing/rationalizing: a frozen-in-time, self-annoited "correctness"; an ideology-flowered excuse; an inability to become more human and humane here-and-now by throwing the yoke off of everyone, and not just one bought-off self-whoring fragment of "us", that "social we", now suddenly unimportant once the submission has been made, like pulling the plug on an all-saving "God" or "Allah" or "Secret Knowledge" film that ends up promising only, and always intended on delivering to a very few, to hucksters.

In all cases, the suckering and the suckered intentionally ignore reality constructs: the pyramid exists, so does its weight, and so do its manipulators at all levels. That's the nature of tolerance: it complies and evolves that process to which it is complicit.

The takers and the taken would sooner die an un-imagininative lifestyle — sports, sex, politics, fashion, ad finitum — than dare transcending the global "pyramid scheme". Wilhelm Reich aptly named aspects of of this mass mess as "mass psychology", "character armor", and the "little [wo/]man" psycho-structure.

We, as a species, psycho-persist to tolerate an all-invasive, all-colonizing virulent hierarchy, a surrender which empowers that hierarchy to spawn off festerous zero-sum agendas as "feeding station rewards" for all those quantitatives — self-imbued 'objects'— to a slightly-higher place in the "scheme", in the pile of bodies of wasted souls.

In this case, we see the obfuscated "real" body of a burned homeless man beneath the headlines in the SF Chronicle "Let the airport naming fight begin" (Section A, page10; Saturday, January 19, 2013). The "fight" looks more like a "socially"-bunched Komodo Dragons attacking one of their own, whomever gets wounded or closes a non-atomized eye first....

So, to all of these jetsetting slime: take one-way flight off any runaway. You are nightmares walking... all of you, heartless me-me-me sociopaths, made to order by a system shaped upon abuse of all "not me".

A suggestion: why don't you each just go out and buy another real mirror to peer into instead, and get your real hands out of the already-ransacked "social treasury".

The real treasure is found only when perceived through the eyes of everyone.

It is not found in a beat, flag, or faith.

It is not found in the image's affixed gaze commandeered in and by your mirror.

"Images" of freedom and liberty are a recuperating part of their very opposite, maintaining the "cohesiveness" of the pyramidic abuse!

And it is "social" reality" that, anyone, who so narrowly wants to see the terrain of misery and abuse billboarded with images of non-reality and Agenda-ized privilege, is no better than a marketing hack selling a commodity, and today, that is a narcissistically-blinded cannibal.

08 December 2012

Faraday Safeguarding Electronics from Solar or Weaponized EMP

What is EMP?

EMP is short for Electro-Magnetic Pulse. It comes from "outer space", notably our sun. It also has been weaponized and can come from any government, including our own.

"An electromagnetic pulse (commonly abbreviated EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation. The abrupt pulse of electromagnetic radiation usually results from certain types of high energy explosions, especially a nuclear explosion, or from a suddenly fluctuating magnetic field. The resulting rapidly-changing electric fields and magnetic fields may couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges. [WikiPedia]
"According to NASA, 2012[-2013] will usher in a period of massive solar activity. It’s possible these coming solar storms will produce the same effects as an EMP caused by a nuclear blast."

What Are Its Adverse Affects?

It "fries" all electronics. That means at dams, in vehicles, in computers, in airplanes, in ships, in pacemakers, in radios, in televisions, in blenders, in water distillers, in water pumps, in lights, ad finitum. It is devastating and would cause mass panic, starvation, chaos, panic, and death. Unimpeded, it would wipe out civilization, and the chance for survival in no time flat.


How to Poke the Eyes of Internet Spies


Unless you want your email scanned, filtered, and categorized by spies and spyware, as well as jeopardizing the email and lives of all those listed in your address book, then it's time you took responsibility and poked the eyes of those low-life intruders.

SSL Protection for Email

Setting Up SSL for Google Mail (gmail)

Setting Up SSL for Microsoft/MSN Mail (hotmail)

Setting Up SSL for Yahoo

Setting Up SSL for Miscellaneous

GPG/PGP (encryption) Protection for Email

Setting Up GPG for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (Outlook Express)

Setting Up GPG for Apple Mac OS X (Apple Mail)

Setting Up GPG for Opera (M2)

Setting Up GPG for Ubuntu, etc. (Mozilla Thunderbird)

20 October 2012

The Origins of Voting and a De-inversion of Its Humanizing Potential


Voting is a handing off of responsibility, either based in a contract or a promise.

It is like sharing tasks amongst people rather than having each of us do an equal percentage of every task. Imagine if buttering toast was only considered "equal" if every person on Earth partially did that one task for each of us. What a mess! Voting is a way of distributing tasks that we all must perform so that the rest of us may do something else that we all must do. It's called specialization or focused effort. It's more efficient because you 'tend' to get better at something you do more than once. We evolve our efficiency!

Specialization can get boring. So, we rotate specialized tasks.
Make sense?
That would seem to be both efficient and healthy.

The Historical Bait-and-Switch

However, Capital freezes us into "lifestyles", "careers", and "roles".
We become de-specialized in all but one task so that the mediation of someone else's "specialization" goes undetected.

Some people are lazy and try to get everyone else to do their share. We hear the word bantered around by them that they are "gifted". I thought a 'gift' was given BY someone, not taken FROM them?!

They call everyone slack and lazy when they are the chief offender. So with the specialized parasites called the "politician", the "banker", and the "cleric".
They tell us we are swarthy, untrustworthy, immoral in order to cover up their theft.
They mediate between us and ourselves.

They use linguistic, financial, and psychological manipulation to "cover their tracks".
They use "Democracy" to kill direct democracy.
They use "[official] Truth" to kill truth.
They use the three-card Monty game of monetarism to swindle and kill human trade.
They use religion to kill the human spirit[uality].

They run the institutions because we were frozen in space and time.. in the headlights of making our own history and reality.

They run the Election to prevent common elections, general assemblies, and direct democracy voting.
They use government to destroy community.

Now, let's look at what is feared by these thieves....

Promissory v. Contract

Contractually, if the handed-to does not do exactly as mandated, they are "breaking the law of the contract" and can be pursued immediately for that crime.
This is the very basis of contractual law.

With the promissory, there is no time limit, no level of competency, no requirement for quality. There is only the glimmer of something "like" what was promised getting somewhat done or approached some day. Would you buy a car if it might not be a car by only running "like a car", some times, or not at all?
Only the fool believes in promises.

The television show, "People's Court", is based in that act of promissory folly. It is nothing less than a system of theft based in using time to "cover tracks" and hide ongoing misdeeds.

The promises manufactured on the terrain of Capital, like its other "products" are based in 'the fictitious' just like the value of crap we buy whose modus operandi makes them break, fail, and fall apart so that we become indebted just to stay in one place.

Voting is 'directly'-democratic or there is no truth, no democratic process... just shadows of 'the false'.

Representation (re-presentation) of wants, needs, desires, and decisions is the falsification by 'authoritarian democracy' based in top-down hierarchical rule via an intrusion-to-mediate and the falsification-to-recuperate.

It is the means to the inversion of self-power into Power, that is, alien[ated] or self-LESS power. It is either self-fulfilling or self-[fully]fooling.

19 October 2012

Notes on Voting 'For' Frauds 'By' Frauds

Voting as Dysfunctional 'Cry for Help'

I usually vote on measures, always voting "No" on anything raising taxes further when they already take too much, and on a federal level, illegally. In California alone, the taxes on infrastructure repairs were taken out for years and then a new bill given as if that first theft never took place. With that subterfugist lie in our faces — so close that we myopically or ideologically choose to miss it most of the time — the states have "jurisdiction" left upon which to hang their hat differently than the banker thieves back in Washington, D.C. Nope! California lets feds close down medical marijuana shops as if it was their jurisdiction and not a California statute initiated by public vote. Whether it;s Oregon's fed-overridden "right to die" without AMA interference, the payback on Texas and Arizona for challenging the feds, or selcetive HAARP "activities" heaped upon resistant state-resisting communities, the feds attack their own... because they ARE OWNED. No voting has EVER challenged, let alone changed, that social relationship.

shepherds making a pie of lies
change that avoids change

Calling slaves "indentured servants" or "citizens" "employed", or "in charge of their own agenda" [to sell themselves or to buy others selling themselves] is immaterial.
The "material" reality, that is, what "matters", is that subjectivity is illegalized, vandalized, "educated" away, or mediated away by processes which turn us into cogs and demographic objects. Oh yes, of course... we are "free" to substitute for living and self-management with lifestyles and character-armors manufactured by the Corporation, the Union [brothel], the Party/Candidate [pimp], the State. One big happy festering.

The feds, puppeteered, slack-jawed, and jackbooted thugs that they have always and conceptually been, are supposed to have jurisdiction only ON the "lines" between the states, not IN the states. As a way of consecrating authoritarian "democracy" and of mashing Canada, the US, and Mexico into the North American Union, the borders to a suffocated "sovereign republic" have been turned off. The barbarians are at the gate really means that they are IN POWER. Shay's Rebellion was the first proof. The Federal Rserve was another. The Federal Income Tax (IRS) is another. Dead US Presidents is another. Dead Senators is another. Ad finitum is the list of Capital Crimes littering the Crime of Capital suffocatingly-frozen o'er the skin of humanity. Only the intentionally blind call connective "dots" (inductive logic) idiot names like "conspiracy". We heard that crap when we spotted toxins in the food arena, "food fanatic", and when we saw the oxygen-producing forests being sold off for political party signs and Wall Street confetti as "tree huggers". The scapegoats we create to excuse being conscious and irresponsible! Of course, that was before the Rockefeller brothers created a whoring-for-funds "leadership" which killed the grassroots "ecology" movement, replaced it with an "environmental" movement, and have now redirected it into an antihuman "green"[backs] movement. Our sense of the real reality needs a huge bowel movement!

Their usurping of the "states" in the united "states" started with the creation of the District of Columbia, which is NOT a state but is foreign to the US Constitution, Articles, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence: an invasive, recuperating, and subjugating power. So, federal powers are now just conquering ones in my view. Local governments have been used as whore-pawns to let wind and solar farms destroy communities and wildlife, let alone allow the same people from the oil cartel to expand into "alternative" sources of running our lives at the debt meter.

The fractal of federal, state, county, city, and local hierarchies makes them all — as one — each impenetrable and "owned" by forces above and against those living (er, surviving) there as "owned" debt-serfs.

Choosing between who speaks for those owners, who will do whatever it takes and in whatever language — left or right — and via whatever policies (as in "policing") to ensure our continued servitude. Voting is a way of supposedly walking on a treadmill, yet the pace is picked up so fast that getting off the treadmill is the only sane act left. The treadmill is not all there is but activity on it is wasting energy and splitting people up like hairs on a freshly-butchered creature in a slaughterhouse.


We entertain the elite by legitimizing falsification and blatant deceit, and give credibility to the outcome, which is predetermined. We provide an excuse to the Tweedledum/Tweedledee bait-and-switch that double-talkers and shape-shifting promises have taken us for over and over. Each blames the previous. Both swap roles to facilitate that endless blame game, all the while doing exactly what their masters-in-common tell them to do. Scratching our heads stuck up our asses, we comply.

In the end (that is, the end of us), we are to blame because we are in charge of alienating or not alienating our self-powers. Blaming an external is the ultimate in alienating self-ownership. It is also, at the same time, the prime directive from every hierarchy's attempts to get us to maintain that hierarchy. It's the only 'real' product from a "pyramid scheme".

Voting [away my powers to run my life] legitimizes that game wherein we always lose when we have nothing left but promises-of-consistency, deeds-to-taxes, and ownership-of-things (which break in the night). Voting is a "mass" (or pandemicized) sickness when it only prolongs the deception and the misery. It is surrender. It is symptom and it is also cause, because it deludes the Power nature of social reality. It signs a contract which has no consequences to it when the party to to which we give our proxy) uses it against us every time. Ignorant, hopeful, and lame never learn!

I wrestle with this paradox every election. I vote. I get no proof that my vote stayed the same or was even counted. I win nothing, just like a sports "fan" or celebrity "follower". I'd rather have an uncontrolled erection than a Power-controlled election any day.... Today's Diebold voting machines and Big Pharma erection pills are epitaphs for the already-dead and the dutifully-dying.

And I — succumbing to the falsehood that I am actually mattering in the material world run, within the confines of generalized self-[dis/mis]management — cling to my masters' legs hoping something livable trickles down.... I survive another four years with more tears for doing so, for selling voting-free self-management short.... for selling it at all.

Deception "is an art" smells of Art, that reified and reifying practice of self-delusion. and I am starting to hate Art as a bloated manufacturing of illusory experience, just as science has been recuperated into the bloated manufacturing of footnoting excuses for those illusory experiences. We are frauds to not admit our roles in maintaining our servitude to frauds. In that sense, we are at one with the political presence of our chosen absence.

I have voted since I could but refuse national elections because the vote is fixed after who's in the election is fixed.

Romney and Obama will implement the same vampiric extraction from different sides of my throat. Whether others see that turns the "my" into "our" in terms of throats. Whether that occurs or not, I will not let the "fed" of social pressure deter me from refusing to pick my masters and the "legal" means by which — through my "vote of confidence" — they retain that mastery. In large part, it is the surrender of those voting which preserves the rule of that falsification over all of us, so, it is the blame of those voting for all outcomes legitimized after the election fraud turns to the master's implementation discretions.

I — socio-ethically and self-fully — will not legitimize extraction of any "best of the worst" varieties by voting for ANY of them. I get some solace by writing in my own name. If elected I will refuse to serve, that is, to be served up as a live whore or assassinated non-whore. That goes for being an elected taskmaster or as a mastered task. That is the "choice" of class society which relinquishes nothing through voting because its pseudo-life depends upon it, that is, as us surrendering ourselves it placeholders for commodities in Itdom.

same old same old

Calling slaves "indentured servants" or "citizens" "employed", or "in charge of their own agenda" [to sell themselves or to buy others selling themselves] is immaterial.
The "material" reality, that is, what "matters", is that subjectivity is illegalized, vandalized, "educated" away, or mediated away by processes which turn us into cogs and demographic objects. Oh yes, of course... we are "free" to substitute for living and self-management with lifestyles and character-armors manufactured by the Corporation, the Union [brothel], the Party/Candidate [pimp], the State. One big happy festering.

Resources and References

14 October 2012

Spectator-sports and Lawn-care as Conspicuous Dead-time

What Exactly is "Dead-time"?

It is the presence of its use with the absence of any self-[re-]creation; it is always mediated by a process and its agents who would either keep you where are "in life" or else "sends you packing" in a decidedly de-evolutionary direction.

Monopoly Sports is Hardly a "Sporting Affair"

It is fixed. It is "set up" like "professional wrestling" with its "events" manufactured. Ever wonder why the mathematical odds of "a sweep" never occur and the mathematical occurrence of "miracles" always seem to bring about that "full series"? The manufacturing of these "out of body, out of mind" allegiances curb the appetite for self-management and facilitate eating the daily plate of shit. Weekends are filled with dead-time "events" so that you remain a cog on a couch, a flag-waving jingoist who sees others so-jingified as the cause of their plight, whatever the media tells them that that may be. Drink beer, watch someone else move and act (and I mean "act" as in a "staged" event), go to the bathroom when told to, go to the refrigerator when told to, cheer when sold to, beat up or shout down those who're playing the same role elsewhere, go to war when told to.... Practice makes perfect, and sports fans practice incessantly, fervently, decisively, dressed in their sports-gang's "colors", and, when they're told to... good little soldiers. Good-because-obedient-and-cowering dogs. Roll over. Fetch....

The Lawn Con

I pay for a "lawn" which requires fertilizer, mow it, pay the government-sanctioned monopoly called "recycling" who turn my "clippings" into mulch, and sell it back to me. I am a part of a cycle which extracts my [life]time and other diminishing resources so that I will not grow food for myself, and will buy the feignly-colored, artificially-flavored, genetically-intoxinated "food" grown and owned by the very same petrochemical magnates who sell me "fertilizer" and "seeds" which they've engineered to work together against Nature and me.

Name It and Claim It

Daily life[time] is spent [away] supporting parasitic "owners" of mediative processes enforced by the State. It's a hybrid of all virulent hierarchies from our past, empowered by our past and present "passed-over" self-interest. I call it "neo-serfdom", "neo-feudalism", "the debt economy", "the global pyramid scheme".... Whichever... our lives become mere fertilizer for the "sports of kings [and pharaohs]". We reproduce our lot in life, and decidedly so, the spectacle of any life at all.

The lawn has been replaced by autumn-winter clover and spring-summer alyssum, blossoming up to the allium-surronded trunks of dwarf/semi-dwarf apricot, apple, pear, peach, pine, fig, walnut, neem, and olive trees. The self-vampiring has been shown the "holy water" from my garden hose.

The sports drooling has been replaced with walks, bike rides, and non-mediated communication and association.

According to the edicts from the Bush, Clinton, Kerry, Gore, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Romney marionettes, I am now a common[er] menace. Generalized self-management is always considered dangerous to a parasite. Why? Because self-ownership discovers by deed and expands by omnicentral and free association the "means" of their extractive methodologies and eradicates the codependency "ends", in which their only activity — theft — finds shelter. It is our daily surrender which maintains that dwelling. It is our self-affirmation elsewhere which shall rot its very foundation, collapsing and killing these master[mind]s of our nothingness.

08 October 2012

Capital as the Inversion of Nature's Humanity and Humanity's Nature

Where in [the] daily [inversion of] life known as Capitalism, the social process and pyramid scheme which nurture-and-fortify (that is, "nutrify") Capital, forcably-descends Nature, Humanity as an integral moment of Nature, and use-value as a by-product of human endeavor and interactive assessment, that is).

I observe, and tend to contend, that it is Humanity which is currently and rapidly descending, and it will continue to do ONLY that UNTIL Capital and all other forms of generalized self-sacrifice and self-alienation are transcended.

Conversely to wishful, hopeful, and idealistic viewpoints, Capital is now growing at an exponential and unprecedented pace, converging national States and past attempts at a global State of and for Capital.

The State, as I therefore see it — like its faceless also-reified offspring, the Corporation — is the de-deification, evolved from celestial down to everyone's doorstep, made "rational" by agents of parasiticism. The State is the facilitator and enforcer of Capital, which, in turn, is the 'call to participate' in self-effacement required in any pyramid scheme or hierarchy. It is the pillow held to suffocate the breath of natural history and Nature. It is the devourer of human history and Humanity.

So, for now, I will approach the movement of Global Capital, a Global State, Virulent Hierarchy, the ruling Psycho-pathocracy, the managerial Socio-pathocracy, the conforming atomo-Narcissocracy, the recuperative False Opposition [pseudo-]"movement" (funded by the Rockefellers and George Soros), and the media-school-family-government Manufactured Set of Social Personae as one self-balancing/self-organiizing threat/enemy.

I will do my best to NOT view Hope — itself an inversion of resistance — as anything but dysfunctional.

I will view non-mediated and vastly-unreported post-Capital trans-hierarchical association implementing itself omni-centrally as the ONLY REAL resistance.
I will look at the self-consolidation by Capital by the movement of its agents, via the Global State, NWO, ad finitum, as one movement to evolve parasitic mediation BETWEEN all Human activity — within the cellular, within the individual psyche, between all social acts — AS "human", as a substitute for self-creation, as a suppression of Humanity, as a conquering of the species.

Truly, "aliens" in the form of our self-unowned self-alienation is the root f any such "invasion from outer space" after we have surrendered our inner space. We are the very ghosts who haunt us, the very monsters who attack us, the very aliens who probe and abduct us. We are our once-selves, given up to Capital, at war with our current selves.

I realize that that is an unbalanced "scale" where we look pretty dismal, but, realistically, that's why we are lost in the past, are losing today, and must implement THROUGH else we lose the future's "present" as well as the current's past and its subdued/subjugated/surrendered-to present.

11 September 2012

"DIY HHO" versus "The Virulent Hierarchy"

Questioning the Authority of "Authoritative Questions"

Has anyone successfully (and painlessly) created and/or installed an HHO kit onto either a pre-2002 Jeep Cherokee or Nissan Xterra?

The Chink in the Armor

From what I've researched, the 2002+ models of most vehicles have had "microware" (chip-based software) added which specifically blocks DIY improvements and developers. [It's not unlike requiring expensive, endlessy-outdated, proprietary equipment to perform a tune-up on a car that you supposedly "own".] Most "independent" mechanics are always in a state of "debt servitude" due to trying to stay up-to-date with the latest manufacturers' required equipment.

Making DIY HHO near to fully impossible will ensure monopolistic control of the energy future (hydrogen from water; access to Earthly water itself); it will be privately and completely "owned" away from "the public" (and even Nature itself). Like us "more intelligent" humans, Bambi and daffy Duck will need to apply for a BP card to survive, entering the "[new world] natural order" wherein every lifeform is eternally in debt to a clique of psychopaths posing as humans, who care if migration/mobility is accessible only if they "own" it. We are "allowed" to be mobile ("free to move") ONLY if we are moving FOR THEIR BENEFIT: any life is tolerated ONLY if it can "host" their parasitism.

Alienated Power Acts Visibly as We Act as Invisibles

So, as with corporate wind and solar farming, power will be chained just out of reach of lifeforms chained to debt and servitude (the pack burro, the work mule, the plow horse, the carrier pigeon, the colonized bee, the "pet", the "citizen", the "worker", ad finitum, ad nauseam).

Mediative, extractive, manipulative, exploitative; so much for the roles and processes enforced and controlled by the few running what amounts to a "global pyramid scheme".


It's time to stand up or to kneel down further to the realization that any self-realization has been willingly, cowardly, already been surrendered.... I think that the "refusal of constraints" is the only game left. It certainly isn't in the fixed "sports" typified by NASCAR... as millions follow NFL, NHL, MLB, Olympic, and other spectacles like iron filings attracted to a magnet.

I see DIY HHO as a resistance, much like coloring across the line-rules shoved down our throats as "art", or the whore-like moaning done by "funded scientists" who make excuses for or diversionary mystique about the daily waste and theft achieved by "the pyramid".

The Terrain of "Many Banal Returns"

Even mentioning obviously integrated topics structurally banned by the terrain of hierarchicly-owned "social networks" is proof "public" seems to have become an illegal term and that "social" has become an illegal act! The stark reality is that the "set" of categories Yahoo "provides" does NOT allow for interactive expansion (as does, say, a forum, or a face-to-face conversation; as also doesn't most any "communication" which has a charge for taking place, as via text messaging, cell phones, or ISP control).

There is no category for energy and even automobiles does not even include non-automobile vehicles (e.g., motorcycles, scooters, big rigs, trucks). There isn't even a way to suggest a new category. So, I'm stuck on the terrain of anti-social "social networks": banality.

It is inevitable that we will end up stepping on the toes of "big fish in small ponds", those psycho-emotional guardians of toxic waste-dump "social" structures owned by the "elite"; they lurk around dutifully, waiting to offensively defend the "turf" in which they tolerate being buried. Misery dysfunctionally loves company, and so, the hierarchy virulently gives money a louder voice when it based in the "gold standard" of misery. Toleration of misery is complicity and is rewarded. Defending that toleration is also rewarded. It's called "politics". All aforementioned roles are ways of "being at one" with the hierarchy. They're all despicable. Their unwavering practice makes the perfect coward. It smells of the already-dead.

Chancing Many Mutual Returns

That now said, I return to my question about DIY HHO on specific cars, which bypass invasive chips, and all....

I'm very interested in experience, imaginative resolution to encountered problems, and to the sharing of both without price-tags. Care to share about the kit used, the installation process, the tweaks you had to make, etc.? I may create a web site or forum which consolidates efforts, as so much of it is scattered and presented as forever non-integrated, making details very scan and utilization near-to-impossible. Assassins have murdered some, and silenced many.... Score one for disowned power.

Sorry if this doesn't fit well here, however, this's not my 'square-peg-in-a-round-hole' system. It's Yahoo, which is not unlike Twitter (aka "NitTwits"), Google (aka "Grovel+Gagged"), Facebook (aka "FacelessLook"), LinkedIn (aka "ChainedToWork"), etc. They're into the hierarchy payoff, which means that they are against anything challenging the hierarchy. And, the hierarchy is sucking at our throats.

The best I can do is post it and to show my appreciation to those who reply with actual "answers". The dysfunctional and predatory remarks will be inevitable from those defend the turf in which they're buried. The[ir] smell is intrinsic to the hierarchy.

06 September 2012

The Spoof is in the Pudding

The Flypaper of "Free"

Email address "spoofing" gets done quite often because the "portal" of the "provider", where your read email and address book "chickens" reside, are secured by "the fox".

As businesses providing free access to and use of their tools (address book, email, anti-spam and junk-mail settings, browser history, search engine history) their income comes from selling advertising to everyone using those tools, everyone sending or receiving an email, and everyone listed in your address book. In addition, all of your contact information is essentially "strip-mined" for private use by the "internet service provider" (ISP).

How We are Caught in the Gears

Your supposedly-private "data" gets sold and ransacked from a bevy of provider-cohorts:

  • advertising "spammers" (wherein the default is that you have no privacy at all, and must "deny" access rather than "no access" being the default, which then, exposes ALL advertising as spam; they robbed goods tauntingly returning to the "scene of the crime");
  • the NSA and other spy-on-the-public agencies (these are the hybrids of the funded "nation"-tests which manufactured the KGB, the FBI, and the Gestapo;
  • internet con-artists (we paid for the internet through taxes given to the Department of Defense, who handed it over so "private companies" which they retired to, could charge us again and again and....);
  • identity thieves (redundant in the current universal brothel political-economy).

The result is all so "happy happy joy joy" as the cartoon characters, Ren and Stimpy, used to sing.

The Technology "Big Lie"

The "free" tools are not so "free" after all!

Most technology distributed throughout the "public" these days, aside from being designed for planned obsolescence, is chiefly used to spy on the user and all those with whom they have contact.

Your personal interests and social life contacts are stealthily run up via a global pyramid scheme to those running the works. The "show", which is all about the personal freedom which no longer exists after it has been converted to private gain by this virulent hierarchy, is magnificently run by a parasitic "elite" at the top, whose psychopathy is attended to by facade-managing levels of sociopaths; they bathe in your privacy and reap unlimited power by manufacturing needs and an eternity of useless need-satisfierss from that kidnapped privacy.

Debt is what flows down from their lofty perch as the only legal public currency. Sure, that's private. That's personal. That's your reward for surrendering your life time to them. Indentured servitude is a form of slavery which the "manufactured history" books avoid discussing except as some sort of leisurely, almost-voluntary "tour of duty" because it is everywhere. That is the only secret that remains, safely guarded in the vaults of the elite by schooling, media diversion, laws, and private police. The rest is "open season" and is on the open market, which is more like a 24/7 open field of battle, where it is a war of all against all.

Meanwhile, political puppet movements spread the fictions of "what makes it all tick", and how to make meaningful change, whose function is the recursive and combinatorial recuperation of any resistance and all imagination.

Self-sacrifice and other-sacrifice — flip-sides of the same Tweedledum-Tweedledee non-choice — are built into every manufactured option amply-provided by the elite, and made available to all beneath them, reinventing the virulence and dysfunction in and of the hierarchy.

The so-called "liberatory" result of playing any game on their terrain is the loss of play and consequence. Always the same, resistance is inverted into persistance.

Any change WITHIN the hierarchy merely replaces the variant sociopathic levels serving you up to the psychopaths at the top. Unless the hierarchy itself is challenged, nothing changes but the quantities of debt, facade, and pace at which generalized slow death surrenders its hosts.

Why? Because that's what hierarchy does; that's all it does. Paraphrased from the film, "The Terminator", the unofficial title is really "The Self-terminator". The spoof is in the pudding, everywhere known as "daily life".

24 July 2012

[Self-Creating] Games People Do [Not] Play

Nature's Lifeforms Playing with [Their Own] Nature

"Games" and "play" are an expression of the self-evolution of humanity; in that sense they are also humane.

Hence, "human" war is not "human" self-evolutionary — rather self-devolutionary — and is, unavoidedly and undeludedly, a bottom of the hierarchy slavishly toleration of a top of the hierarchy imposed "mastering" process: "flushing away" of any social cohesion which might challenge and wrest the [exo/extra]-control; it is a harvesting of human fodder for ideological transitions from one form of hierarchy to a new one.

It is conducted for the "benefit to" and "entertainment of" vampiric parasites — made up of both sociopaths and psychopaths — and their dupes, a cesspool of self-whoring "professionals" at best... at worst, and most likely... resolute traitors to human and other life. These delusionists must first convince themselves before spreading their fetid and banal existences falsely acclaimed as rivaling the self-energizing of a "star", gravitating with the deceit of one who wears the skin of another to lure all others 'below' them into burdening the above-weight of a need-to-know-only (that is, invisible) global pyramid scheme so that it appears to be "as good as it gets", allowing them to "be all [they] can be". Be a slave today. Be a slave always. Never become, just be.

And then, there's the wading cesspool where politicos — necessarily and intentionally manufactured as "left" and "right" — authoritarians to the core of their mindless persistences — act as co-dependent cheerleaders for the evolution of their [common slavist] team.

There is no "com"-petition (as in "com"fort or "com"munity).
There is no "game".
There is duty.
There is a set of rules set out by rulers.
There is a uniform[ity].

The redundant drones of this leftist-rightist [pseudo-]competition are a "con"-petition.

The mold works in the sports arena where we toss ourselves to the lions around the radio, the television, the water cooler, the possibility of communicating with people about real people issues and desires, around the places where we might subjectively/actively exist but exist only as binary noises in the canned laughter of daily life and the attempts to compete for a systemically-scarcified survival.

Avoiding Our Own Nature in the More "In-Touch with Living" Species

Animals play. Suppression of play separates us from other lifeforms in a very negative way. That is intended.... Once your very nature is lost to you, its substitution is easily accomplished by forces outside yourself which seek your slow, sustained death based upon self-unconscious slavery to their parasitism. I call this trans-epochical social relation virulent hierarchy.

Inverting Play into the Passivity of an "Immobilized Prey"

"Professionalized games", i.e., "sports", is the mediated and mediating seizure of games and play, repackaged and procedurally-toxicified, which presents a social view which reinforces the dominant scheme: "there can be only one", "we're number one", ad finitum, ad nauseam.

Merely spectating some externality called "sports" which is experientially self-banalizing — rather than actively-engaging others via games — is the epitome of docility, of surrender, of embracing one's programming as a social cog.

Seeing who beats who or "who wins" is relevant only to those pretending to compete, and to those watching those "watching sports", because they, thus, see and affect what is real while the passive viewers affect nothing at all.

Theirs is an active entertainment which exploits the very core of what might be human, and then uses it to prevent that human from ever existing. Instead of becoming an explorer and inventor of "the game of life", through the self-relinquishment to "fandom" for "professionals" and "experts", one practices "being nothing of any importance". The supposed playing of atomizing games and with disconnecting "social networks", owned by alien-to-you forces, one practices self-disownership and self-alienation "as a way of life". Some life affirming everything but yourself. Wow! You got the high score in some self-domesticating [pseudo-]game. Now that's really living! How could you possibly commit suicide or homicide in a snap?

The spectacle of benefit to the viewer is generated for the viewer, and is maintained by the viewer. "Go team" is as much a facade as "this is where I've always dreamed of playing"; it's just a cliche, more a saddened sigh of resignation, or an excuse for being characterologically crippled, incapable of any sort of social revolution or self-evolution. The practice of killing imagination pays off such that you're a "number one" proletarian (unsaid is that you are laughingly in a tie with billions of other proletarians) who is anybody's slave, and who, thus, is psycho-dutifully contributing to the slavery of everyone else, present and future. What a team player!

Anyone who thinks athlete-slaves "do it for any of those monotonic cliche reasons that they all spew out is a well-programmed fool. They win for winning's sake and will dump a team they loved yesterday for the chance at a higher stake in the ligament-and-tendon whoring biz.

The point of any game is to play them yourself, and so that you "end the game" with a different you inventing and beginning a new game [of self-transcendence].

The very wheelbarrows of slef-aggrandizement and notoriety, — the driving blood of the narcissism-famished "star", feign credibility with credit ability that all these "little [wo/]men" entertainers (political stars, movie stars, sports stars, "news" story stars, etc.) get as payoff from their paying "fans": the docility of the beholder; those captured by morbid curiosity to-and-of their own participatory demise; the "frozen-in-the-headlights" imaginations which now can only imagine "life" as it sucks them in like a black hole; the gazing "red carpet" slave. [See Wilhelm Reich;s book Listen, Little Man for clarification.] The more "glow" in the star the less life in yourself as a living entity of the real universe. Our realities fade as imagined and hierarchically-manufactured ones are tolerated, worshiped, held in awe, fought over, and/or and otherwise-fetishized. Meanwhile, both the "star" and "fan" are process iterations of need — sold back in fictitious form and manu-imagined experience — so that together, they puppet about for those entertaining-away the sound and sight of puppet-slave "chains".

I detest games being held hostage, and I detest people defending that generalized social unconsciousness which their [dis]own[ed] gaze spreads to all they encounter: "how 'bout them Cubs" triteness invades every conversation like a plague. Slavishness wearing a jersey or cap is like the "colors" of a gang or the uniform of a ruling clique.

Revolution is The Detention of "Sports" and the Reinvention of Play

A uniform is not a costume!

A sporting event is not a game!

A hierarchy is not social.

The current world — a world where currency transmutes potential-and-negentropic credit into kinetic-and-entropic debt — is not a world of, by, or for humanity in any sense. It is the sped-up "Death March" perceptively-survived very, very slowly. That is "entertainment" to a sociopathic-psychopathic few atop our mounds of misery.

The time to show sense now needs to elevate the resistance game, the only game left, by blockading the daily surrender to the current world, else no new world can emerge. Surely, only a new system of rule will emerge from waiting for someone else to do it: aliens from out there, monsters, ghosts, dictators... they're all walking, talking, stalking forms of our own alienated selves, of our own surrenders, of our own [UN]making.

The only consequential game left is revolution, and by that, I mean the going where no recuperation dares venture: negentropic subjective fusion energy.

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