01 May 2013

Questions to Remember to Forget about "Eternal War"

Questioning "question authority" as Authoritarianized Passivity

If "question authority" means anything beyond printing, selling, buying, and affixing bumper-stickers, then, let's examine the manufactured "mass psychology" and the "news" directing our heads here and there before going straight up our own assholes....

  1. Isn't "class" the eternal war, whether by those at the top of a clerical, political, economic, bloodline, tribal, statist, or corporatist hierarchy?

  2. Aren't sodium fluoride (used in public drinking water), HFCS (used in food), GMO (used AS food), chemtrail chemicals, toxins in plastics — "greenly" re-sprinkled into air, soil, and water everywhere — all "chemical warfare" weapons?

  3. As if playing a REAL game of Risk" and "Monopoly"; as is Globalistic Capital, why wouldn't you consider Syrian oil and essential "acquirable power which helps to further acquire", a core exchange-valuable asset, and "chemical weapon", held over a collapsing global economy, by Rothschild and Rockefeller?

  4. Aren't oil production asset in an abiotic oil world the REAL asset more valuable than the oil, just as owning media is more an asset than any particular "news" which comes off its assembly line of "news"?

  5. Is "eternal war" fed by "eternal" complicity: ignorance, gullibility, denial?

  6. Is "eternal war" the only possible result of codependence: psycho-dysfunctionality?

Resources to Examine, Not Unquestioningly Question

Resources are a starting place. The "tv dinner" conspicuous consumptivity of the 1960s has become the footnote for the ideologized mind today. Everyone must "make a point", when points are NOT the issue. Points are pretty much pointless in a swirl of paper, like in the film "Brazil". They bury activity and the "behind the scenes" reality in a dust-storm of self-congratulating footnotes, not unlike the award ceremonies of Hollywood cronies wearing clothes like billboards, and opinions like roles. Footnotes are one author's way of hiding in another's shadow. Real-time views and acts are lost in a self-anointed wisdom of sequence going back o'er the horizon to who knows where. The "give-up" effect usually preserves real views from view, and thus, spectacularizes mindful imagination... footnoting it as far away from reality as possible. That said:

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