23 May 2013

"Major Loss" or "Reason to Not Lose by Caring"?

The S.F. Chronicle's Eric Branch (email) stated (page B1 on 23-may-2013; also known as "49ers' Crabtree tears Achilles tendon" (web) that "... Dr. Tim McAdams, gave him a bit of encouraging news from the operation", but gave no indication as to what that was or even how the author knew what was discussed at all. Note that sports announcers are always telling their surrendering-into-captive audience(s) what is being said by players, coaches, and officials when they have no method, idea, or clue at all what was being said.

"He's saying he wished..." is one example of how mind-reading has been falsely established as a 'caste' ability in broadcasting. Another was done when unsubstantiated (and quite convenient) "leaks" are quoted. Another is when a mediator is quoted as saying what an unknown and uninterviewed "witness" said. That is never allowed in a court of law — stricken as "inadmissible" and "hearsay". The WMDs of Iraq were "factualized" by quoting the secondhand quoters, whose facts were factless and imaginary. The pseudo-resistance to Virulent Hierarchy (currently ruled by those extracting and/or "owning" the largest quantities of Human Capital) is itself lost in a foot[note-fetishism, reductively avoiding imaginative deductive thinking (which exposes the Whole) into obscurity.

Thus, baseless conjecture is passed off as "expertise" to those falling for "experts". The facts, per se, are deceitfully manufactured — unfounded while founded in manipulation — "factualized" by cohort hierarchy-protecting liars: clerics, whoring "scientists", fasco-marketeers, mediators, and a marionette dance by politicians (themselves a hybrid of Stalinism and Fascism).

The best an AMA-trained "doctor" can say is "you're alive", which is better than could be told to the likes of Alvin Lee (musical composer, guitarist, vocalist of Ten Years After, Alvin Lee & Company, and solo career), Dr. Lendon H. Smith (family OB/GYN, pediatrician, critic of pharmasuitables, author, and sixty-time guest on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show), Marc Moreland (musical composer, guitarist, vocalist of Wall of Voodoo, Department of Crooks, and a solo career), Roy Scheider (actor in All That Jazz, The Sorcerer, Jaws, The French Connection, 2010, etc.), and countless millions, all of whom died from "routine" and well-conducted knives, glowing radioactivity, or toxic injections/pills expertly-applauded by practicing malpractitioners, bankers, media clap-trappers, and other 'blood hierarchy'-maintaining vampires... leading a zombie population onward to the slaughterhouses of daily "life", or rather, its spectacular and self-falsifying substitution.

Sure, surviving's good "news", but hardly "newsworthy".... Pablum and banality are what the media shovels as social "mediators" (rather than, formerly, as investigative reporters) between reality and real people's consciousnesses.

If "a doctor telling you that you the Rockefeller-"Big Pharma" dominated medical profession's "practice" has decided to spare your life, they shouldn't be "in business" at all.

The days when "health" is held for ransom and "athletes" are farmed and bred like fake Salmon will be naught too soon in ending. These "doctors" will be left to operate on and drug each other and their masters as a fitting justice. The "athletes", "mediators", "politicians", and "clerics" — along with their psychopathic and puppeteering financiers of this generalized social parasitism — will have to find ways of creating real food rather than manipulating reality to see their pathocratic "feeding" as worth anything but full exposure and permanent cessation.

As a result of the omission, I am left sensing that this is a moment of several dysfunctionalities:

  1. the tip of the "sports mind" iceberg showing, which is sad and depressing in itself;
  2. a stylistic slip (which seems more taught than unintended);
  3. like so many reports in the "new" corporate media, simply made up to maintain the buying of tickets to 49er games, sales of NFL.com subscription-leashed games, endorsed products associated with Crabtree's ad-machine, or ensuing Stupor Bowl hype whose money exchanges faceless hands at best.

Asking the "author" to elaborate, in a follow-up, seems pointless, unless follow-up "style" is sought.

I figure that exposure of idiocy is "the best medicine", and these days, the "alternative" to the manufactured meat-ia industry.

A "sports" injury or mis-"event" (fight, off-camera act, unscripted slur), like a botched surgery, "mis-deed" by a politician, or sex dysfunctionality by a flagellation-promoting cleric are all tragic for all of us, but that's the point! The reality which manufactures them all "as the only reality possible" is what calls them "unreal" and treatable without changing anything of consequence, certainly the hierarchy freezing us as passive spectators to our very existences and to these aberrant, abnormal, and "momentary" exposures of and at its very core.

Daily, we act [and act out] as inversions of our self-possession, self-management, and self-interest. We injure ourselves. We penalize ourselves. We victimize ourselves. We "get caught" and avoid ourselves when the dysfunctionalities "hit the fan".

The "entertainment", "news", and "decision-making" official line is the epitome of reality falsification and real self-loss. The real loss here is what is avoided in all headlines and broadcasts of this virulent globanality, and by us when the 'musical chairs' music is playing redundantly, mindlessly, normally: us.

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