16 June 2013

Real/Lived Space-Time vs. "Other" (alienated) Timelines and "Dimensions"

The key to hierarchical power is twofold: mediation and reified existence (aka, the use of spectacularity).
Today. the scientific method (esp. deduction reasoning) has been replaced by the core ideologicality of deductive reasoning, wherein reality descends from an imposed perception of reality.

In that sense, the centrism of being a new take on religions' "center of universal existence" — being THE only focus of a God who puts homo sapiens sapiens above all else in a nature falsely-defined as "dog eat dog", including those "specials" atop a falsely-scarcified heap o'er clambering others — is what "science" now does in its "more rational" (that is, ratioed, rationalizing, and reality-rationing) sense... their sole "improvement", as far as hierarchically-suppressed (and upgraded Earth-centric, species-centric, non-celestialized) senses go.

Even so, the "celestial" has also been seized an d pseudo-"superseded" because it availed too much human spiritualism for its replies-to-queries 'bout eternal torment/punishment and reward/salvation, with a less reality-toppling inversions of THIS space-time reality. Its "other" spatial dimensions, "other" time lines, etc. — inhabited by our inverted self-quests via the hypnotic fear of "aliens", i.e., our alienated selves — have been wiped from the choice chart, leaving rational acceptance and its consequences. That's cost-effective "science" at work: rational self-slavery.

Monsters have always been our fears of what we have or might become held up as "beyond" our ability to defend against what made or could make us become so cannibalizing, disconnected, fearsome, and "monstrous". In short, our own self-alienation is fearful, or rather, fear-fulFILLING. The fear fills the absence of us in our own lives. Having surrendered our life time and space to an "other", we are perplexed and haunted by monsters, deities, ghosts, and aliens — all steeped in a social dysfunctionality we shall call a mass "self-terrorism" which starts from giving up the ghost" so that we become the ghosts in the machine[ations of power seeming over but actually and actively apart[ed] or departed from ourselves].

"Other" timelines are passed off by science priests as possible, like commodified escapes or religious afterlives to this non-life, as safety-valves. Harmless as long as we still shoot each other with bullets, tax payments, road rage growls, disparaging glances in aisles where dead relief on command is taken on as debt by someone ahead of us in line, we work at the role of servitude like no "other" ever could. We imagine in rented dreams, plan for revolutions whose planned obsolescence is tied to meetings in "think tanks", and are "active" as much as manufactured "acting out" allows. "Be all you can be" is just the subtle hologram-subjects poised/floated above its "be only what/who we'll let you be" reality-objects.

Short and simple, double reflection, misdirection, and reified decision-making facilitate the daze about "the real"

"Other" timelines do not narcissistically exist because WE chose where we are on this one. With only one REAL time — HERE and NOW — we slip off into delusionally-conscious and reified times — escapist delusion and manufactured illusion — and become lost away from the way back to self-management and self-possession. Being possessed by an "other" (whether world, being, dimension or what ever aspect of our own loss haunts us most), we are never self-possessed, and that is the root cause of our being "lost in time"... "lost in space"... because the space and time are alien to us, as in we have allowed them to become "real" in the falsifying of hierarchical ownership of us. Selfless causes exist as substitutes for the "self as cause".

We are mediated by the falsified/falsifying truths about reality which we tolerate as "truths" and "knowledge" manufactured from within that which confines us, with our "permission", and defied by our"protection".

There's no time like this time.

There's no space like this space.

Taking life back — buried within the external "it" — is inseparable from seizing our selves back and reinventing "daily life".

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