08 October 2012

Capital as the Inversion of Nature's Humanity and Humanity's Nature

Where in [the] daily [inversion of] life known as Capitalism, the social process and pyramid scheme which nurture-and-fortify (that is, "nutrify") Capital, forcably-descends Nature, Humanity as an integral moment of Nature, and use-value as a by-product of human endeavor and interactive assessment, that is).

I observe, and tend to contend, that it is Humanity which is currently and rapidly descending, and it will continue to do ONLY that UNTIL Capital and all other forms of generalized self-sacrifice and self-alienation are transcended.

Conversely to wishful, hopeful, and idealistic viewpoints, Capital is now growing at an exponential and unprecedented pace, converging national States and past attempts at a global State of and for Capital.

The State, as I therefore see it — like its faceless also-reified offspring, the Corporation — is the de-deification, evolved from celestial down to everyone's doorstep, made "rational" by agents of parasiticism. The State is the facilitator and enforcer of Capital, which, in turn, is the 'call to participate' in self-effacement required in any pyramid scheme or hierarchy. It is the pillow held to suffocate the breath of natural history and Nature. It is the devourer of human history and Humanity.

So, for now, I will approach the movement of Global Capital, a Global State, Virulent Hierarchy, the ruling Psycho-pathocracy, the managerial Socio-pathocracy, the conforming atomo-Narcissocracy, the recuperative False Opposition [pseudo-]"movement" (funded by the Rockefellers and George Soros), and the media-school-family-government Manufactured Set of Social Personae as one self-balancing/self-organiizing threat/enemy.

I will do my best to NOT view Hope — itself an inversion of resistance — as anything but dysfunctional.

I will view non-mediated and vastly-unreported post-Capital trans-hierarchical association implementing itself omni-centrally as the ONLY REAL resistance.
I will look at the self-consolidation by Capital by the movement of its agents, via the Global State, NWO, ad finitum, as one movement to evolve parasitic mediation BETWEEN all Human activity — within the cellular, within the individual psyche, between all social acts — AS "human", as a substitute for self-creation, as a suppression of Humanity, as a conquering of the species.

Truly, "aliens" in the form of our self-unowned self-alienation is the root f any such "invasion from outer space" after we have surrendered our inner space. We are the very ghosts who haunt us, the very monsters who attack us, the very aliens who probe and abduct us. We are our once-selves, given up to Capital, at war with our current selves.

I realize that that is an unbalanced "scale" where we look pretty dismal, but, realistically, that's why we are lost in the past, are losing today, and must implement THROUGH else we lose the future's "present" as well as the current's past and its subdued/subjugated/surrendered-to present.

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