11 September 2012

"DIY HHO" versus "The Virulent Hierarchy"

Questioning the Authority of "Authoritative Questions"

Has anyone successfully (and painlessly) created and/or installed an HHO kit onto either a pre-2002 Jeep Cherokee or Nissan Xterra?

The Chink in the Armor

From what I've researched, the 2002+ models of most vehicles have had "microware" (chip-based software) added which specifically blocks DIY improvements and developers. [It's not unlike requiring expensive, endlessy-outdated, proprietary equipment to perform a tune-up on a car that you supposedly "own".] Most "independent" mechanics are always in a state of "debt servitude" due to trying to stay up-to-date with the latest manufacturers' required equipment.

Making DIY HHO near to fully impossible will ensure monopolistic control of the energy future (hydrogen from water; access to Earthly water itself); it will be privately and completely "owned" away from "the public" (and even Nature itself). Like us "more intelligent" humans, Bambi and daffy Duck will need to apply for a BP card to survive, entering the "[new world] natural order" wherein every lifeform is eternally in debt to a clique of psychopaths posing as humans, who care if migration/mobility is accessible only if they "own" it. We are "allowed" to be mobile ("free to move") ONLY if we are moving FOR THEIR BENEFIT: any life is tolerated ONLY if it can "host" their parasitism.

Alienated Power Acts Visibly as We Act as Invisibles

So, as with corporate wind and solar farming, power will be chained just out of reach of lifeforms chained to debt and servitude (the pack burro, the work mule, the plow horse, the carrier pigeon, the colonized bee, the "pet", the "citizen", the "worker", ad finitum, ad nauseam).

Mediative, extractive, manipulative, exploitative; so much for the roles and processes enforced and controlled by the few running what amounts to a "global pyramid scheme".


It's time to stand up or to kneel down further to the realization that any self-realization has been willingly, cowardly, already been surrendered.... I think that the "refusal of constraints" is the only game left. It certainly isn't in the fixed "sports" typified by NASCAR... as millions follow NFL, NHL, MLB, Olympic, and other spectacles like iron filings attracted to a magnet.

I see DIY HHO as a resistance, much like coloring across the line-rules shoved down our throats as "art", or the whore-like moaning done by "funded scientists" who make excuses for or diversionary mystique about the daily waste and theft achieved by "the pyramid".

The Terrain of "Many Banal Returns"

Even mentioning obviously integrated topics structurally banned by the terrain of hierarchicly-owned "social networks" is proof "public" seems to have become an illegal term and that "social" has become an illegal act! The stark reality is that the "set" of categories Yahoo "provides" does NOT allow for interactive expansion (as does, say, a forum, or a face-to-face conversation; as also doesn't most any "communication" which has a charge for taking place, as via text messaging, cell phones, or ISP control).

There is no category for energy and even automobiles does not even include non-automobile vehicles (e.g., motorcycles, scooters, big rigs, trucks). There isn't even a way to suggest a new category. So, I'm stuck on the terrain of anti-social "social networks": banality.

It is inevitable that we will end up stepping on the toes of "big fish in small ponds", those psycho-emotional guardians of toxic waste-dump "social" structures owned by the "elite"; they lurk around dutifully, waiting to offensively defend the "turf" in which they tolerate being buried. Misery dysfunctionally loves company, and so, the hierarchy virulently gives money a louder voice when it based in the "gold standard" of misery. Toleration of misery is complicity and is rewarded. Defending that toleration is also rewarded. It's called "politics". All aforementioned roles are ways of "being at one" with the hierarchy. They're all despicable. Their unwavering practice makes the perfect coward. It smells of the already-dead.

Chancing Many Mutual Returns

That now said, I return to my question about DIY HHO on specific cars, which bypass invasive chips, and all....

I'm very interested in experience, imaginative resolution to encountered problems, and to the sharing of both without price-tags. Care to share about the kit used, the installation process, the tweaks you had to make, etc.? I may create a web site or forum which consolidates efforts, as so much of it is scattered and presented as forever non-integrated, making details very scan and utilization near-to-impossible. Assassins have murdered some, and silenced many.... Score one for disowned power.

Sorry if this doesn't fit well here, however, this's not my 'square-peg-in-a-round-hole' system. It's Yahoo, which is not unlike Twitter (aka "NitTwits"), Google (aka "Grovel+Gagged"), Facebook (aka "FacelessLook"), LinkedIn (aka "ChainedToWork"), etc. They're into the hierarchy payoff, which means that they are against anything challenging the hierarchy. And, the hierarchy is sucking at our throats.

The best I can do is post it and to show my appreciation to those who reply with actual "answers". The dysfunctional and predatory remarks will be inevitable from those defend the turf in which they're buried. The[ir] smell is intrinsic to the hierarchy.

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