06 September 2012

The Spoof is in the Pudding

The Flypaper of "Free"

Email address "spoofing" gets done quite often because the "portal" of the "provider", where your read email and address book "chickens" reside, are secured by "the fox".

As businesses providing free access to and use of their tools (address book, email, anti-spam and junk-mail settings, browser history, search engine history) their income comes from selling advertising to everyone using those tools, everyone sending or receiving an email, and everyone listed in your address book. In addition, all of your contact information is essentially "strip-mined" for private use by the "internet service provider" (ISP).

How We are Caught in the Gears

Your supposedly-private "data" gets sold and ransacked from a bevy of provider-cohorts:

  • advertising "spammers" (wherein the default is that you have no privacy at all, and must "deny" access rather than "no access" being the default, which then, exposes ALL advertising as spam; they robbed goods tauntingly returning to the "scene of the crime");
  • the NSA and other spy-on-the-public agencies (these are the hybrids of the funded "nation"-tests which manufactured the KGB, the FBI, and the Gestapo;
  • internet con-artists (we paid for the internet through taxes given to the Department of Defense, who handed it over so "private companies" which they retired to, could charge us again and again and....);
  • identity thieves (redundant in the current universal brothel political-economy).

The result is all so "happy happy joy joy" as the cartoon characters, Ren and Stimpy, used to sing.

The Technology "Big Lie"

The "free" tools are not so "free" after all!

Most technology distributed throughout the "public" these days, aside from being designed for planned obsolescence, is chiefly used to spy on the user and all those with whom they have contact.

Your personal interests and social life contacts are stealthily run up via a global pyramid scheme to those running the works. The "show", which is all about the personal freedom which no longer exists after it has been converted to private gain by this virulent hierarchy, is magnificently run by a parasitic "elite" at the top, whose psychopathy is attended to by facade-managing levels of sociopaths; they bathe in your privacy and reap unlimited power by manufacturing needs and an eternity of useless need-satisfierss from that kidnapped privacy.

Debt is what flows down from their lofty perch as the only legal public currency. Sure, that's private. That's personal. That's your reward for surrendering your life time to them. Indentured servitude is a form of slavery which the "manufactured history" books avoid discussing except as some sort of leisurely, almost-voluntary "tour of duty" because it is everywhere. That is the only secret that remains, safely guarded in the vaults of the elite by schooling, media diversion, laws, and private police. The rest is "open season" and is on the open market, which is more like a 24/7 open field of battle, where it is a war of all against all.

Meanwhile, political puppet movements spread the fictions of "what makes it all tick", and how to make meaningful change, whose function is the recursive and combinatorial recuperation of any resistance and all imagination.

Self-sacrifice and other-sacrifice — flip-sides of the same Tweedledum-Tweedledee non-choice — are built into every manufactured option amply-provided by the elite, and made available to all beneath them, reinventing the virulence and dysfunction in and of the hierarchy.

The so-called "liberatory" result of playing any game on their terrain is the loss of play and consequence. Always the same, resistance is inverted into persistance.

Any change WITHIN the hierarchy merely replaces the variant sociopathic levels serving you up to the psychopaths at the top. Unless the hierarchy itself is challenged, nothing changes but the quantities of debt, facade, and pace at which generalized slow death surrenders its hosts.

Why? Because that's what hierarchy does; that's all it does. Paraphrased from the film, "The Terminator", the unofficial title is really "The Self-terminator". The spoof is in the pudding, everywhere known as "daily life".

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