14 October 2012

Spectator-sports and Lawn-care as Conspicuous Dead-time

What Exactly is "Dead-time"?

It is the presence of its use with the absence of any self-[re-]creation; it is always mediated by a process and its agents who would either keep you where are "in life" or else "sends you packing" in a decidedly de-evolutionary direction.

Monopoly Sports is Hardly a "Sporting Affair"

It is fixed. It is "set up" like "professional wrestling" with its "events" manufactured. Ever wonder why the mathematical odds of "a sweep" never occur and the mathematical occurrence of "miracles" always seem to bring about that "full series"? The manufacturing of these "out of body, out of mind" allegiances curb the appetite for self-management and facilitate eating the daily plate of shit. Weekends are filled with dead-time "events" so that you remain a cog on a couch, a flag-waving jingoist who sees others so-jingified as the cause of their plight, whatever the media tells them that that may be. Drink beer, watch someone else move and act (and I mean "act" as in a "staged" event), go to the bathroom when told to, go to the refrigerator when told to, cheer when sold to, beat up or shout down those who're playing the same role elsewhere, go to war when told to.... Practice makes perfect, and sports fans practice incessantly, fervently, decisively, dressed in their sports-gang's "colors", and, when they're told to... good little soldiers. Good-because-obedient-and-cowering dogs. Roll over. Fetch....

The Lawn Con

I pay for a "lawn" which requires fertilizer, mow it, pay the government-sanctioned monopoly called "recycling" who turn my "clippings" into mulch, and sell it back to me. I am a part of a cycle which extracts my [life]time and other diminishing resources so that I will not grow food for myself, and will buy the feignly-colored, artificially-flavored, genetically-intoxinated "food" grown and owned by the very same petrochemical magnates who sell me "fertilizer" and "seeds" which they've engineered to work together against Nature and me.

Name It and Claim It

Daily life[time] is spent [away] supporting parasitic "owners" of mediative processes enforced by the State. It's a hybrid of all virulent hierarchies from our past, empowered by our past and present "passed-over" self-interest. I call it "neo-serfdom", "neo-feudalism", "the debt economy", "the global pyramid scheme".... Whichever... our lives become mere fertilizer for the "sports of kings [and pharaohs]". We reproduce our lot in life, and decidedly so, the spectacle of any life at all.

The lawn has been replaced by autumn-winter clover and spring-summer alyssum, blossoming up to the allium-surronded trunks of dwarf/semi-dwarf apricot, apple, pear, peach, pine, fig, walnut, neem, and olive trees. The self-vampiring has been shown the "holy water" from my garden hose.

The sports drooling has been replaced with walks, bike rides, and non-mediated communication and association.

According to the edicts from the Bush, Clinton, Kerry, Gore, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Romney marionettes, I am now a common[er] menace. Generalized self-management is always considered dangerous to a parasite. Why? Because self-ownership discovers by deed and expands by omnicentral and free association the "means" of their extractive methodologies and eradicates the codependency "ends", in which their only activity — theft — finds shelter. It is our daily surrender which maintains that dwelling. It is our self-affirmation elsewhere which shall rot its very foundation, collapsing and killing these master[mind]s of our nothingness.

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