19 January 2013

Let's Rename "SFO" to "Just Me Me Me International"

Last week, 12-18January2013, when I first became aware of the move to change the name of San Francisco International Airport, I also read of a homeless acquaintance burning near-to-death in his makeshift "home" when a candle caught his bag and such on fire.

What a blatant waste of State-stolen so-called "social" wealth... stolen at the point of creativity from individual selves, and substituted for with inverted "wealth": the waste of humanity. Oh yes, also, a pile of use-[value-]less Symbols and Agendas which preside over real human life as towering billboards exalting those benefiting from those new fractures in the species' most individually-experiential wealth: the "social" ability to "off the yoke".

Well-to-do agenda "drum-beaters", self-bloated do-good "faith-healers", and fragmented-and-fragmenting duty-bound "flag-wavers" always drone on about how we all should pay for abstracted "mistakes" made "in the name of" some previous all-ruling Agenda, so that "we" now should "all" pay for that "mistaken assumption by the hierarchy as to how to befool all beneath the hierarchy's pyramid-mastering elite. So, we should respect — in yet another submission from a dwindling pie — to their all-justifying rationing/rationalizing: a frozen-in-time, self-annoited "correctness"; an ideology-flowered excuse; an inability to become more human and humane here-and-now by throwing the yoke off of everyone, and not just one bought-off self-whoring fragment of "us", that "social we", now suddenly unimportant once the submission has been made, like pulling the plug on an all-saving "God" or "Allah" or "Secret Knowledge" film that ends up promising only, and always intended on delivering to a very few, to hucksters.

In all cases, the suckering and the suckered intentionally ignore reality constructs: the pyramid exists, so does its weight, and so do its manipulators at all levels. That's the nature of tolerance: it complies and evolves that process to which it is complicit.

The takers and the taken would sooner die an un-imagininative lifestyle — sports, sex, politics, fashion, ad finitum — than dare transcending the global "pyramid scheme". Wilhelm Reich aptly named aspects of of this mass mess as "mass psychology", "character armor", and the "little [wo/]man" psycho-structure.

We, as a species, psycho-persist to tolerate an all-invasive, all-colonizing virulent hierarchy, a surrender which empowers that hierarchy to spawn off festerous zero-sum agendas as "feeding station rewards" for all those quantitatives — self-imbued 'objects'— to a slightly-higher place in the "scheme", in the pile of bodies of wasted souls.

In this case, we see the obfuscated "real" body of a burned homeless man beneath the headlines in the SF Chronicle "Let the airport naming fight begin" (Section A, page10; Saturday, January 19, 2013). The "fight" looks more like a "socially"-bunched Komodo Dragons attacking one of their own, whomever gets wounded or closes a non-atomized eye first....

So, to all of these jetsetting slime: take one-way flight off any runaway. You are nightmares walking... all of you, heartless me-me-me sociopaths, made to order by a system shaped upon abuse of all "not me".

A suggestion: why don't you each just go out and buy another real mirror to peer into instead, and get your real hands out of the already-ransacked "social treasury".

The real treasure is found only when perceived through the eyes of everyone.

It is not found in a beat, flag, or faith.

It is not found in the image's affixed gaze commandeered in and by your mirror.

"Images" of freedom and liberty are a recuperating part of their very opposite, maintaining the "cohesiveness" of the pyramidic abuse!

And it is "social" reality" that, anyone, who so narrowly wants to see the terrain of misery and abuse billboarded with images of non-reality and Agenda-ized privilege, is no better than a marketing hack selling a commodity, and today, that is a narcissistically-blinded cannibal.

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