20 October 2012

The Origins of Voting and a De-inversion of Its Humanizing Potential


Voting is a handing off of responsibility, either based in a contract or a promise.

It is like sharing tasks amongst people rather than having each of us do an equal percentage of every task. Imagine if buttering toast was only considered "equal" if every person on Earth partially did that one task for each of us. What a mess! Voting is a way of distributing tasks that we all must perform so that the rest of us may do something else that we all must do. It's called specialization or focused effort. It's more efficient because you 'tend' to get better at something you do more than once. We evolve our efficiency!

Specialization can get boring. So, we rotate specialized tasks.
Make sense?
That would seem to be both efficient and healthy.

The Historical Bait-and-Switch

However, Capital freezes us into "lifestyles", "careers", and "roles".
We become de-specialized in all but one task so that the mediation of someone else's "specialization" goes undetected.

Some people are lazy and try to get everyone else to do their share. We hear the word bantered around by them that they are "gifted". I thought a 'gift' was given BY someone, not taken FROM them?!

They call everyone slack and lazy when they are the chief offender. So with the specialized parasites called the "politician", the "banker", and the "cleric".
They tell us we are swarthy, untrustworthy, immoral in order to cover up their theft.
They mediate between us and ourselves.

They use linguistic, financial, and psychological manipulation to "cover their tracks".
They use "Democracy" to kill direct democracy.
They use "[official] Truth" to kill truth.
They use the three-card Monty game of monetarism to swindle and kill human trade.
They use religion to kill the human spirit[uality].

They run the institutions because we were frozen in space and time.. in the headlights of making our own history and reality.

They run the Election to prevent common elections, general assemblies, and direct democracy voting.
They use government to destroy community.

Now, let's look at what is feared by these thieves....

Promissory v. Contract

Contractually, if the handed-to does not do exactly as mandated, they are "breaking the law of the contract" and can be pursued immediately for that crime.
This is the very basis of contractual law.

With the promissory, there is no time limit, no level of competency, no requirement for quality. There is only the glimmer of something "like" what was promised getting somewhat done or approached some day. Would you buy a car if it might not be a car by only running "like a car", some times, or not at all?
Only the fool believes in promises.

The television show, "People's Court", is based in that act of promissory folly. It is nothing less than a system of theft based in using time to "cover tracks" and hide ongoing misdeeds.

The promises manufactured on the terrain of Capital, like its other "products" are based in 'the fictitious' just like the value of crap we buy whose modus operandi makes them break, fail, and fall apart so that we become indebted just to stay in one place.

Voting is 'directly'-democratic or there is no truth, no democratic process... just shadows of 'the false'.

Representation (re-presentation) of wants, needs, desires, and decisions is the falsification by 'authoritarian democracy' based in top-down hierarchical rule via an intrusion-to-mediate and the falsification-to-recuperate.

It is the means to the inversion of self-power into Power, that is, alien[ated] or self-LESS power. It is either self-fulfilling or self-[fully]fooling.

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  1. I am the unofficial Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner candidate standing the UK's 15th November 2012 elections.
    Unofficial because I am not prepared to throw the required £5000 down the drain.
    But I'm not going to let stupid bureaucracy stand in the way of my perfect job.
    I am introducing a new concept in democracy called Geurilla Democracy.
    I want people to vote for me by spoiling their ballot papers by writing SOS on it.