26 October 2013

“Pink” Funds the Theft of Our Flesh

It’s disguised advertising. It’s manufactured like Facebook — wherein we pay to report on our activities and thoughts to the NSA — to steal “money” from ourselves if the advertising “hook” does its job on us. Any reserve of “money” which we have is viewed as unconquered, uncontrolled. It carries within it, our potential for not being carrier-hosts of Capital and its need for a “norm of psycho-behavioral dysfunctionality”.

So, if not re-invested as the normalization of self-colonization — a self-replacing of self with this tumorous norm of self-sacrifice [to Capital as Capital’s host] — it is daily-devalued and the diminished sum of our fragments left over after wage-slavery, property-slavery (rent or mortgage), and surviving enforced scarcity steal most of your life’s time and space from you....

Charity to any hierarchy [necessarily a “pyramid scheme” based in masters with slaves] is surrender to a pre-determined misery and designed “slow death”.

Charity is not compassionate solidarity with the immiserated. It does not challenge the cause of misery. It treats disrelated symptoms. It delocates humanity from the daily dehumanized. It misdirects assistance into the intents of bureaucrats. We are convinced to set the hook in ourselves so some self-anointed master does not have to bother with fishing for us. How wonderfully charitable!

Unless we refuses hierarchy en toto, then the only “pink” being served here is our flesh. We are merely submitting, treating another visible symptom of Human Farming. Like the “green” movement — wherein we pay to recycle toxins through the life chain yet again so that cancer is given another crack at us — or the manufactured “color revolutions” all over the world wherein imperial invasion is re-presented as rescue ⎯ we are self-injecting Capital via the patented psycho-health of “feeling good”.

We pay to grow ourselves as colonized flesh, pay to call and drive ourselves to both the daily and “final solution” slaughterhouse. The internment camp is run by us. We enslave ourselves by tolerating and surrendering over and over, and by treating systemic symptoms rather than the whole system as the cause.

The tumor is not here or there, now or then... it is what is defining the concept and definition of “tumor”. Actually, a "tumor" is a centralized state that is always there. When it is truly everywhere, it is at rest, and is the integral process by which cells rapidly repair themselves. These trophoblast cells are what fast-grows the embryo on the uterine wall. If they did not exist, neither would humanity. The AMA's pseudo-understanding of "cancer" is erroneous at best, criminal in fact. It attacks us because they haven't a clue, nor care, who we are or could become. They only see us as fodder for stealing power, as parasites do....

The cancer is all around us, and until we “treat” the global pyramid scheme, we are complicit in intensifying cancer as “the norm”. It is what we do and do not do all the time and everywhere.

The armor we wear to keep at arms-length our cynically-nurtured fear of others and paralyzing pain of being "left out" of a mythical Society, disguises the intended purpose of that armor: to keep desire and dreams isolated from the human potential all hierarchies detest and sequester. “Charity” is one such recuperation, which, as a way of allowing us to "clear our throats", only makes the suffocation more complete, and thus, more rational. In short, we become more full of our absence.

Our quantitative act ensures our inability to act consequently, or with quality. Our charity to ‘a death machine in life’s clothing’ is but a nail in others’ and our own communal coffin. It’s financial aid to another country delivered by ravenous monsters.

The so-called “research” and “fight against” cancer is run by The Cancer Industry, itself controlled by the very same corporations and people who profit from dumping cancer-causing toxins into our food, water, soil, and air. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle only served notice that the war against humanity had to be stepped up. Every bill from government will only hide what its ability to pass really intends: our undoing. Government is not self-government; it is a tumor replacing those upon whom it is being grown; it is anti-humanity posing as humanity.

The barrier to our right to health is made up of many suppressed preventions, banned treatments, and excommunicated physicians ⎯ laid waste by the “legal” and character-assassination squads of the AMA and FDA.

John D. Rockefeller co-founded the American Medical Association (AMA), which is given carte blanche control over our health by the FDA. Rockefeller, I.G. Farben, Big Pharma, the “medical” insurance cartel, and the in their pocket politicians — who rotate back-and-forth between serving these “masters with slaves” directly and serving us up in a bought-and-paid for government have always attacked freely-accessible remedies, non-patentable treatment substances, self-determined and self-manageable dietary supplements, naturopathy — based in holistic “cause”, preventive health, and a proactive nutrition — in favor of a mediating and authoritarian allopathy — vile, hierarchical, and disease-resilient — which merely “sequences” patented treatments to fragmented symptoms. It separates us from our health by suppressing our rights to determine our own symptoms, causes, diets, treatments, and right to direct self-determination.

The injecting toxins and exposure to toxic radiation to “treat” toxicity is insane and profitable. The treatment is perpetuated until death by manufacturing new symptoms, until life is either extinguished or is able to avoid the treatments.

How to dumb down and program the population?

monopolize insurance to determine-and-control all power to avail, access, assure, test, analyze, and treat;
monopolize “publicly-owned” media with untaxed advertising funds;
invade the moments spent waiting in grocery chain exit lines;
bombard all activity of the spectator sports industry — during “the game” and as untaxed advertising “breaks” between fixed outcomes;
advertise your profit-extracting as charity-gathering everywhere.

We are not a “natural resource” for the farming and harvesting by the Capital of State, Clergy, Bloodline, Tribe, Corporation, Cause, or any other inversion of real beings.
We are not objects for pseudo-subjects and non-living entities, causes, views, mores, laws, ideas, hierarchies, processes.
A “citizen” is a shapeable object fitted and retrofitted into pens, confines, roles, etc.
“It” is our very inversion, foisted as “Community” over and led by the self-motivated to ends by means... a decision-making process completely kept away from us... from selection to election.

We are taught to submit, to surrender, to believe, to trust, to comply, to conform, to inform, to obey.
The key to manufacturing a “good German” was the investment goal of J.P. Morgan when funding “social movements of control”: the National Socialists movement in Germany; Trotsky and Lenin and their State Socialism in Russia; the New Deal of Roosevelt in the USA. All are authoritarian and demand codependent “citizens”.

Today, those once-just-external methods of forcing the acceptance of dysfunctional obedience have been studied, hybridized, redeployed globally, and, having been consolidated are forcibly-displacing the many “irrational” hierarchies into a global hierarchy, “rational” because of its need for power, and because that power cannot recognize, nor allow any other. Its “rationality” of dealing with archaic ways of rationing life is at once its ratio of dividing every lifeform by itself, all the while approaching infinity by always incrementing itself as the only substitute for life, and back as a life-”form”, which is when seen as the inversion it is, is lifeless and deathful. That “form” is lifestyle; for the host, it is a mediator to themselves, inhibitor of themselves, limiter of other selves, an addiction which needs to be fed, and is socially co-dependence for the host if their “existence”, reduced to mundane and slavish survival, is to persist. It is alienated power unleashed to expand, and to do so across all remaining lives it encounters, into and as an ever-alienating power source. It is a recursively-expanding source of itself. By ever-evolved design, its hosts will bend or be broken, will be used until being recycled. They will be for it as they might have been for themselves. Their own “hierarchy of needs” has been rationally hierarchicalized.

We are, today, trained by schooling, advertising, religious science, and scientific religion — all directed from hierarchical imperatives, that is “imperially led against ourselves and each other into the “war of all against all” by funds and the lack thereof — to act as practicing wardens of our own wards. That act is our only liberty left! "Cancer" is the body attacking itself... Capital's war unleashed by nutritional deficiency directly-attributed to an FDA-enforced and petropharmachemical cartel.

Truth is privatized. Conformity, “normality”, and other re-definitions of stupefaction and ignorance, is publicized.
That consumption is our only freedom left!

The breadth and depth of the ward has been “rationally expanded”. Our DNA is being patented. Our knowledge and sources of nutrition are being “mopped up” and toxic substitutes made to be all that remains. The vault runneth over and as a result, our disease is at the command of the vault owners and perhaps to a very few of its guards.

Our right to health and all of the bounties of the Earth and our historical labor belong to us, not to Power and Hierarchy maintained by injected chaos, scarcity, and dis-ease.

We, the “public”, are daily [re-]programmed to surrender to a cycle of dis-ease and all that maintains and profits from it.
The “deciders” and the psychopathocratic “elite”, who puppet-master those power-mongers and all those submitting beneath them all, are hidden behind the curtain of lies and facade which we are programmed to tolerate and to hold up.

They are given the charity of remaining untainted and untouchable murderers, parasites, liars, and thieves... with each submission to The Big Lie that they are anything but farmers of human misery.

Being “in the Pink” comes from becoming the only master (and without slaves) of your DNA, cells, space-time... the totality of your life. No mediation. No fragmentation. No alienation of responsibility or self-powers. It sees the health of others as a healthy environment and demands that right to self-management for one’s self as inseparable from that implemented right by all others’. Tolerance of the intolerable is slavery perfected.

Refuse the Farming of Our “Pink” Flesh
Refuse the “Green” Recycling of Human Misery
Refuse the Privatization of the Right to Health


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